Redefining Challenges of Today’s CMO


Please watch the Turkish video here or continue reading for the English article.

Digital marketing is a concept, long discussed, eventually diluted and redefined by everyone according to their own needs, especially in the last decade. Some refer it, shortsightedly, as a synonym of social media communications only, while there are others who had a holistic view on all assets and engagement points with target audiences. But these are the times when we dropped “digital” as an adjective in front of “marketing” as a definition.

Audience journeys are not linear as it used to be, brands have a very limited time/window of opportunity to communicate messages as audiences’ attention is very fragmented due to channel chaos and message bombardment from multiple sources. Today, as many say, “attention is the new currency”, but being relevant is definitely the key to engage and activate audience behavior.

In such an environment, tracking and putting meaning to every digital footprint of audiences and orchestrating the customer journey with a consistent “experience” becomes one of the critical jobs of marketers. On the other hand, providing meaningful customer experiences is not enough for today’s organizations, but also it is critical for today’s Chief Marketing Officers to step up and show their contribution in company growth. Every action in the communication funnel needs to be tied into a revenue metric and should be tested & optimized with many hypotheses.

Today’s pioneer CMO must have 8 important skills in order to go beyond the existing organizational struggles of short-termism: